No Monthly Contract! & No Monthly Fee!

Thousands of channels from around the world, movies and TV series at the touch of a button! ALL FOR FREE!

Browse the Internet on Your TV! WITHOUT A COMPUTER!

No gimmicks, no trial periods, no entering a credit card number for recurring monthly charges, NO NOTHING! 

It’s like going to the supermarket: You buy and you pay only once for what you purchased. NO RECURRING CHARGES THEREAFTER!

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Tired of paying top money for premium channels like HBO, Showtime and others just to watch the same handful of movies over and over and over again? Do you miss viewing channels from your beloved country of origin?

Look no further, we got the solution for you! It’s a little box, the size of a paperback book that you simply plug in to the wall and another cable to your newer TV and instantly you can access all of the above! THAT’S IT. Now you can enjoy your favorite TV series, see the first season, the last season or anything in between in High Definition!

Want to see Bonanza? Want to see Barnaby Jones? Want to see practically any old series you used to watch when you were a kid? You got it! All for free! Want to see a movie? You got it! All for free!

It is a one- time investment and then you own this little box. It pays itself in just a couple of months if you cancel one of your premium channels. You can still have cable or satellite TV if you want because it will not interfere with it. All you got to do is go to the settings on the remote control of your relatively new or new TV and hit the button ‘Source’ in the remote and go to HDMI, turn on the little box, connect to your WIFI or via Ethernet to you modem, go to the KODI selection on your screen and select what you want to see: Movies, TV series, International channels, Sports, etc.

All this is done by streaming the internet through our little box. Give it a try. You won’t regret it. We have the latest 2016 technology.


  • Newer tv (with HDMI hook up)
  • Internet access